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Stormy Skies

Confidence is Key

The World Has a Great Way of Timing Itself Since my last post, I have still been pondering about what to do with my relationship with social media, and mostly how I can be comfortable sharing my creativity on the ...
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man sitting under tree

Social Media: An Introvert on the Internet

This blog is a huge journey for me; one that I’m just beginning and really enjoying!  A large part of my free time is spent researching about business, blogging, photography, marketing, everything. I really want to be successful!  But one of ...
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Best Nature Spots in DC

Living in a city like Washington, DC as a nature photographer, it might seem challenging to find awesome places for nature photography. But that’s not true! Northern Virginia is beautiful, and there are a ton of hidden places to get ...
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seagull looks like hummingbird

Face Your Fears

Birds & Me I'm afraid of a few random and irrational things, but one of those on the top of the list is birds.  Actually, I'm not so much afraid of birds, but in an ongoing battle with them.  Before ...
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nikon D750

One Year Anniversary!

My Favorite Hobby I've been taking my photography more seriously for one year now! To me it's a big milestone.  If you asked me before one year ago what my hobbies were, I probably would have just stared at you ...
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Finding the Fat Kid

What is a Fat Kid? Inspired to be more creative and really experience my true passions, I began taking pictures and writing about the stories behind the images. At the same time, I was exploring what it meant to truly ...
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Welcome to The Unhiding!

The Unhiding is a blog that isn’t afraid to dig a little deeper. Whether it’s exploring life and personality in order for you to live confidently, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty, or investigating larger global issues, The Unhiding treads fearlessly.  The Unhiding offers a little bit of everything for everyone! Captured by a woman who craves a good challenge, The Unhiding offers a deeper look into what it means to take an active part in this life by constantly questioning and discovering.

Be sure to check out the blog and the photography to learn a little bit more!