Bold Like a Cherry Tree

Notice The Opposites

To truly be enjoyed, life must be experienced in opposites. And sometimes it’s rough. But life orchestrates itCherry tree blossoms in Washington, DC over looking the Potomac River and the Washington Monument. Creating opposites with beauty and hardship.self beautifully. It all comes down to balance. Look at this cherry tree. Scarred and burnt, but persisting. Creating beautiful blossoms every spring.

Just like this tree, people find ways to get through the burnt and broken times to still be something truly beautiful,  and  utlimately even stronger.

This life is something amazing. Trust that all the tough times happen for a reason, and make sure you learn something from each and every experience. 

Focus on the important people that you have to share those times with, the good at the bad. Be thankful for every single person in your life.  Make those you care about a real priority.

Certain people in our lives have a significant impact on us. For whatever reason, and there are an infinite number of them, they leave a lasting impression on us.  They shape us and care for us in ways beyond what is truly imaginable.  These people are unbelievably precious. You know they are a special kind of person, when you’ve never even met them, but you see their impact on those you love.

Everyone needs someone like this in their life!

To get out and explore even more opposites that nature has to offer, visit Washington, DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival!