Confidence is Key

The World Has a Great Way of Timing Itself

Since my last post, I have still been pondering about what to do with my relationship with social media, and mostly how I can be comfortable sharing my creativity on the internet.  Naturally, blogging is unnatural for me. It requires me to share my art, thoughts and feelings with complete strangers, and then promote it on social media. (And we’ve already learned about my concerns with that.)

But on the same note that I ended the last post, it’s important to stay true to yourself, doing whatever comes naturally and comfortably.  And as I’m thinking about this, a wonderful article stumbles across my inbox.  I was immediately drawn to the title, “How to Overcome the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There”. The title seemed to hit the nail on the head of what I was experiencing, and as I started reading, I realized it was written by someone exactly like me.  Susan Cain writes about “being driven to create, but afraid to share those creations with the world”. Yup, I can relate!


She goes on to offer a few tips for sharing your creativity, and one in particular was about social media.  Susan states: “When it comes to social media, think self-expression, not self-promotion. If practiced properly, your online activities can feel more like a creative project than an exercise in self-disclosure even though, of course, they are both.”

Just like how I stressed the importance of being yourself, reframing things to be more of a creative self-expression is more productive.  It’s great food for thought throughout this journey, and really for anyone. I found the rest of Susan’s article refreshing and would recommend checking it out.

Confidence and Creativity

Susan offers a few other tips about how to be your best creative self, but the last one seems to be the most important: Confidence. This is relevant whether you consider yourself a creative person or not.  And as it’s something I have had my ups and downs with, I’ve found it’s most easily obtained when you are, yet again, just being yourself.  I am much more relaxed, happy and confident when I’m not constrained.  The pressure to conform or act a certain way is exhausting. But the freedom of self-confidence can take you very far.

Those are my words of wisdom for now, and I have also uploaded some new pics from an awesome hike last weekend. Be sure to check them out here!