Don’t Get Trapped in the Ballot Box

Amid this crazy election season, ask yourself this:

Why are you voting for the person you chose to vote for?

Did you pick a person because in your mind they are the lesser of two evils, but you still don’t fully support them? Are you voting for one person because you’re scared of the other person winning? Can you fully support the person you chose?

If you can fully stand behind one of the main candidates, then great! Mission accomplished.

But what if you’re still wrestling with who to pick?

Here’s a thought: What if you voted for some one who you could really stand behind? What if you voted for some one who made you feel excited about the future? What if you voted for some one who supported everything you believed in?

Let’s not forget the type of people that made this country what it is today. People who fought for what they believed in and channelled an amazing entrepreneurial spirit to create the amazing nation we have today.  No one forced our Founding Fathers into a box to behave a certain way.

Remember Abraham Lincoln who had to defy all odds to fight for what he believed in.  It wasn’t an easy battle but it’s one that defined our country. Half of our nation disagreed with him, but Abe didn’t let those people put him in a box and hold him back.  He fought for every person in this nation to have a voice and not let it be spoken by some one else.

Remember Lincoln on Election DayLincoln memorial from the World War II memorial, and ask yourself one very important question: Will you be walking away from the ballot box proud of the person you voted for? Put your voice behind some one you believe in, no matter who it is!