Finding the Fat Kid

What is a Fat Kid?

Inspired to be more creative and really experience my true passions, I began taking pictures and writing about the stories behind the images.  At the same time, I was exploring what it meant to truly be a more confident and happy person. (Something, everyone needs a little reminder on every now and then). Through this, I found my Fat Kid.

Photography was a great creative outlet and helped control some of those anxious tendencies that this crazy world can produce. But when behind the camera, those pressures disappear.  Creativity is the guide, and it ultimately teaches how important it is to be yourself and do what makes you happy.  The real goal here is to have that shine all the time, whether a camera is around or not.

My amazing “better half” has been a huge source of encouragement when it comes to the creation of this blog and discovering my true self.  He called it the “Fat Kid”. The Fat Kid is the state of being that doesn’t care about judgment. It’s the chubby joyful kid that does what makes him happy.  It’s the delight and passion that’s almost inherent in children, but disappears as people get older.

Here’s an example:

We recently went on a trip to Paris. Like any woman vacationing in Paris, I went a little nuts with the shopping.  So much so, I had to buy a new suitcase.  In the Samsonite store, I made a bee-line to a Darth Vader suitcase in the corner. This is it. Shop no more. I didn’t care, or even glance at, the fancy designer bags. I wanted what made me happy, and I didn’t care that it wasn’t normal or didn’t fit in.  You couldn’t wipe the smile or the pride off my face no matter how hard you tried.  Darth remains one of the many great memories of that trip, and my boyfriend and I talk about all the time.  That is the essence of the Fat Kid.

Finding my own inner Fat Kid on the top of Jungfrau Mountain, Switzerland.
Exploring the top of Jungfrau Mountain, Switzerland