Go Slow To Go Fast

Achieving Your Goals

Lately, I’ve been working a lot on myself; growing and trying to become a better person.  I’m changing little things here and there to improve my happiness and quality of life.  I want to truly know myself and be the happy fat kid that lives inside me.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the weeds.  The desire to change can make you lose sight of the reality.  Everything cannot be accomplished over night.  Things take time and energy; baby steps.  And those first few steps are the most important.  They lay the foundation for you to grow upon.  You can’t run before you know how to walk.

Go slow to go fast.

This picture represents all of those things to me.  I have been working on my photography and it took some time to realize I’m not going to be Ansel Adams overnight.  But all the time, energy, practice and learning I have been doing is slowly paying off.  I happened to walk by my living room window tonight and see this gorgeous scene.  I grabbed my camera and took out my new tripod to hopefully grab a few shots.

Shutter speed, aperture, exposure… all things that initially can be very overwhelming to immediately understand.  You can’t be an expert on them all right away. And I definitely wasn’t an exception to that rule. This picture is the first I have taken in which those settings came very naturally to me. I understood exactly what the different combinations of those numbers truly meant.  And the result was this image, which needed almost no post processing.

I’m incredibly proud of my baby steps in photography, and in life.  I will always remember this picture of the Sunset Planet as a reminder that hard work pays off a little bit at a time, and to not get discouraged. You gotta go slow to go fast.

Keep this in mind when you set new goals for yourself. Nothing happens overnight, but persistence can really pay off.

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